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Luke and Slader The Whole Story by Brad Vance

AKA: Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story by Brad Vance

BANNED ON AMAZON!!!! The complete saga of Luke and Slader! Luke hasn’t been the same since he saw “Jamie’s Brutal Abduction,” an S&M porn flick in which a young man is kidnapped and made to service a gang of guys in a dirty basement. When he finds out that the movie’s star Slader Jacobs runs a real “kidnapping service,” he’s on his knees begging to be yanked off the streets...


Luke's Brutal Abduction-The Whole Story or Luke and Slader: The Whole Story is composed of 5 parts.

1.  Luke's Brutal Abduction

2.  Luke's Brutal Abduction II:  Home Invasion

 3.  Luke's Brutal Abduction III:  Slader's Slave

 4.  Luke's Brutal Abduction IV:  Breaking Luke

 5.  Luke's Brutal Abduction V:  The Wrecking Crew

I was told about this book by a friend who loves M/M but didn't know if she could handle the dark of it.  She wanted me to read it first because I love dark and M/M both.  Well, don't worry this isn't a dark read for those of you that can't handle it.  Everything in this book is consensual.  There is no rape or torture or psychological abuse.

This story is about Luke who is a bottom and a masochist.  He can't fill his needs no matter where he looks until he finds a porno of a brutal gang bang.  He can't get enough of it.  It looks so real and authentic instead of the tired usual crap everywhere.  He begins doing research on the man in charge of the group in the video, Slader.  Research becomes obsession, and he soon finds what he's been searching for.

Luke was no wimp, no little bitch, who'd just roll over for anyone, but for Slader...for Slader he would. He'd surrendered to Slader, inside himself, anyway.  Where that led only time would tell. 

Slader is a hard ass, top, sadist, Dom, ex-Marine.  He leads a fantasy kidnapping service with a crew of ex-Marines.

Slader this man of mystery with the text of the "One Ring" tattooed on him, Slader the USMC sergeant, Slader the porn star, Slader the owner of this house, Slader the businessman, the able manager of a crew of men...

that man was dedicated to the craft of sex, the art of sadism, and Luke was his sole canvas

Pain and humiliation and secret slightly taboo fantasies which sometimes fall toward the gross-ish side are a very big part of this book, but as I said it is all consensual.  It does contain simulated kidnapping, gang bangs, bondage, sadism, masochism, and Dom/sub.  Everyone is getting what they want out of the deal.

I found this to be a good break between the regular romances I've been reading.  And I have no idea why it's banned from amazon.

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