Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beyond Pain, Beyond series by Kit Rocha

Six and Bren. This is their story. And it's one hell of a story too!

We've already established that Dallas O'Kane is now the leader of Sector Three too. But it's not all rainbows and sunshine and unicorns over there. It's pretty much slum and people are fighting to survive, in the dirty way. Dallas gets Bren and Six over there to see what's going on and how it can be solved.

Bren. This character has amazed me. In Beyond Shame and Beyond Control, we catch glimpses of him. One of Dallas' Lieutenants, he's the quiet, controlled one. His sense of humor cracked me up. Well, the little that he has. So, imagine my surprise when I read of a totally different side of his. One that's still in control but he's more vocal, he's sharing different things with us, the readers. There's this one scene... Or two. Okay, several but really, one scene with Ace in it... Wow.

Don't get me wrong, he still has his demons. But the quote above says it all.

Six. When we first met her, she was scared. She was wary, she was confused and didn't trust anyone. We find out why. We also see her developing, changing with the help of Bren, mostly but the women of Sector Four can be stubborn. Starting with the Queen herself, to Noelle, who is always giving out hugs. She finally learns how to be an O'Kane and I love the scene where she gets into the cage - a first in fight night history - and kicks Elvis' ass, thus exorcising a few of her demons. The rest are in Bren's hands.

Fight nights. Parties. Threesomes and voyeurism. Whippings. Rescue mission that ends in shooting. Book three does not disappoint.

But oh! Bren isn't the only character that amazed me. Cruz. Remember him? Got to Sector Four for helping Dallas and in this book, he gets his O'Kane ink. Him and Ace are partnered up and well *fanning myself* there's this one scene with them... You'll have to read the book to see what I'm talking about.

"People always think the broody bastards like Bren are the broken ones, but being tough is how you survive the sectors. It's the easygoing ones you have to watch out for, because they're the ones so scarred up on the inside that they can't feel, or they're so far past broken they just don't care."

Mad. The charming but lethal Maddox. He broke my heart in this part. What is it with all the Maddox's breaking my heart? I can't wait for the fourth part, so I can learn more and more about him.

We're introduced to new characters. Emma, Ace's apprentice. Noah, a genius of some sort that lives in the underground of Sector Three and resurfaces when someone needs him. Him and Emma  have a past, history and we'll find out all about it in their novella, Beyond Temptation.

So, all in all, this series is definitely getting better and better. And it's definitely a favorite of mine.

"This is Sector Four, sweetness. No such thing as too much sex."---> I rest my case.

Beyond Pain can be found on Amazon UK and US.

Kit Rocha are two best friends, Bree and Donna. You can find them here.

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