Monday, October 21, 2013

Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec

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I would classify this book as emotional NA. It is the personal story of a teenaged girl named Addison. She shares a very close bond with her mother who dies from cancer. Her father cannot cope after loosing his wife and becomes an alcoholic. At one point, Addison has a failed suicide attempt. Through most of the book, she is in the adult role while her father is in and out of rehab. She meets a special guy who helps her get past some of the heartache. The scenes switch from present to past, and there are some sweet surprises toward the end.

I have not felt the pain of loosing a parent, but I feel that this would be a helpful book for someone who has. Being able to relate to the story would make it more special, and if someone was stuck in a grief faze, I can see how this book could give the push needed to move past it. It’s a beautiful story of love.

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