Friday, October 18, 2013

Review for Deceitfully Yours by Bethany Bazile

~Dreams are the blueprints to the things we want. They never come to life if we don't put in the work to make it happen. Nothing you really want just falls into your lap. The obstacles in the way to realizing your dream tend to fall out of nowhere. Nobody wants those.~

Jude Baxter knows instantly that he wants Kylie in his bed. What he didn’t realize is that she’s everything he’s been looking for. When lust turns into love, Jude puts everything on the line to make Kylie his.

Kylie Weber manipulates situations to get what she needs from men, but Jude knocks her off her game. Jude is unexpected and exciting. Kylie soon finds herself erotically entangled in Jude chains and rope, but worst of all she’s gotten her heart entangled in this very dynamic man.

Will the secret she keeps from him cost her everything she never knew she needed?


Here are a few of my favorites lines/scenes:

1.) As I begin to come back to reality, I notice how hard the dresser is shaking and feel how slick Jude's skin is underneath my fingertips. I try to look into his eyes, but his head is lowered and his eyes are trained to where his cock is thrusting savagely into me. ~ O.O Holy. Fuck. That was hot. Super caliente, rip off my panties and thrust my hips wildly hot.

2.) I'm not going to let him break me. This is not about love and you know that."

    "The only things I know is it's never aboutlove. It's always about lust until it isn't anymore. then you're curled up under the covers wondering when your vagina grew a heart." ~ Lmao! So damn fuckin' true.

3.) "That's not real likely. I'm not interested in becoming part of the family. I'm only interested in how well he can fuck me." ~ Boom Bitch! Boom!

4.) "Do you realize what you're asking for?" He grabs his cock with his right hand, stroking it. "If I let you put this in your mouth, I'm going to fuck your mouth in a way you've never experienced."

Oh God, yes! ~ Oh God, Yes!! Please. Please. Please. Me wants a taste.

Jude Baxter is high on my list of BBF's. He can dominate me anytime of the day.

DY is a must read. It is super sexy and hot with some BDSM action. The characters have great chemistry and when I was done with the book I was a tad bit sad because I wanted more. I wanted to continue reading about Kylie and Jude. I can honestly say that I woudn't mind being submissive to Jude. I will call him Sir forever. FOREVER! FOR-EVER!! FOREVVEERR!!! FOREVAH!!!!!!!

Hope y'all enjoy this read as much as I did.

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