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INCEPTION by Ashley Suzanne

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Inception is book 1.5 in the Destined Series. In book one we learned about and fell in love with Skylar. This book takes us back to the beginning. We learn of the life long history and brotherhood between Skylar and Danny.

Even though we didn’t get past the cliffhanger from book one, we got a different perspective of the events leading up to that end. We saw everything from inside of Danny’s head, which was very helpful since he didn’t have much of a voice in the first book. We also get to see how deeply they all love each other. 

Reading this caused me to feel sad about what will come of this love triangle situation. I fear they are all going to get hurt, and very deep bonds are going to be stretched or broken.

~Author Interview~

Me:  Danny's character inherited his name from a real person in your life. Was he also given any of the same characteristics or qualities? How did you decide to use his name?

Ashley:  When I first had the idea of the book, I wanted to help my husband deal with the death of his best friend, Danny, who yes was a real person. he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2010. my 3rd son was born just 2 weeks after Dannys death and my husband couldn't name him after Danny, still too soon ... this is my tribute to Danny and I'm gonna give him his HEA one way or another ... Danny had dark and blue eyes, very similar to Danny in the book .. he was such a sweet guy and would do anything for anyone .. everyone loved him, but he was the kid that was always in the background, letting everyone else take the limelight but he was soooo funny .. always doing dumb shit .. BP (that's my husband BTW) misses him everyday .. and Kylee is based off my best friend that died a year ago on the 12th of Leukemia .. Kylee is EXACTLY who Teresa was!

Me:  Your husband is in an MC. How did this affect your writing especially the part about an MC?

Ashley:  It made the research easy lol .. I don't have to rely on information that's mostly bogus or steal ideas from other books ... I know first hand what happens, what rules are in place .. really, it was nice to put something so close to my real life in this book. 

Book 2 Awakening is scheduled for release soon. Yay!

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