Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Edge of Always by J A Redmerski

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Once upon a time, on a greyhound bus, fate brought together Camryn and Andrew.

In the book The Edge of Never, we meet Camryn Bennett, who considers her entire life one big long experience with bad luck.  Camryn has lost a parent, caught her boyfriend cheating, and just gives her life the ole heave ho by getting on a bus to wherever.  Enter Andrew Parrish; sexy man she meets on the bus.  Their adventures take them through hell and half of Georgia, including his near death from a brain tumor, and her discovery that she is pregnant.  This brings us to the Edge of Always...

In the first book the two of them get intertwining tattoos of Greek mythological lovers Orpheus and Eurydice.  In a similar fashion, much of this book is spent with Andrew bringing Camryn back from her emotional death after miscarrying their child.  She is torn with grief and loss, and in an attempt to bring them back to each other, they embark on another road trip.  This trip takes them from family, to strangers, to danger, to memories of their past.  They recapture each other in mind and in heart. 

This story is full of untold emotion.  Redmerski transports her reader into the hearts and minds of her characters and through their engaging characterizations and traits embeds them in the soul.  This reviewer openly admits, I cried, I laughed, and I sighed.  The only caveat I would give to the author, and point of note to the reader is that the point of view of the characters changes quickly and abruptly.  It is like a tennis match, so sometimes it is hard to keep up.

It is very hard to live life on the edge of anything.  Camryn and Andrew make it look fun.

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