Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review of Four Letters by Lisa M. Harley

Lisa Harley really out did herself with this one. Four Letters is a really fantastic read. The concept is really different and it's so fresh from what is out there. It's like nothing I've ever read before. It pulls you in and keeps you there, guessing and wondering what is going to happen next.

Skye-is a spoiled rich brat. She doesn't come from a very loving home but she comes from money and lots of it. She knows that she is not living the life of a normal child but she doesn't care. What she knows, she loves and she wouldn't change it for the world. Her passion for art started at a very young age and when it was time to open up her own gallery, her dear ol dad was there to fund it for her. She has vowed that she will not have anyone have control over her. She doesn't want to turn into her mother and do whatever her husband tells her to do. She must have control in life and she does until she meets Sterling Smith.

Lilly-is a kindergarden teacher who wishes for a family of her own. One day while sitting underneath a tree at a park that she has dubbed Lilly's Park, she notices her Mystery Man jogging. Weeks go by and while she is at her park again due to some issues with her apartment complex, her MM approaches her and asks her out for dinner. They go on their date later that night and things take off from there. She finds happiness and joy with her Mr. Right, with Asher Brown.

Adlee-is a young girl whose life has not been an easy one, especially when her step-dad loses his job and starts drinking heavily. As things spiral downwards for her mom and step-dad with them constantly drinking and fighting all the time, things spiral out of control for Adlee one horrible night. She always thought that her life would be nothing. She never once thought that her life would change for the better until she waited on Tanner Jones.

So, what do they all have in common?

They needed someone. They needed to be loved. Needed to have their dreams come true. To feel like they were better people because of someone.

You will figure things out as you read through the stories and it will piss you off. I know it pissed me off but in a good way. I wanted to smack my kindle, in a good but bad way because Lisa is a friggin genius. To have a character act that way and then finding out their past, wanted me to jump in and kick some ass. But, ah there is that fuckin' word...but...that character helped out other characters in the end. Don't get wrong. I will stab that person in the eye with a spork if we ever came face to face.

You're probably wondering "Why did I only mention three female names? Isn't the title of the book called Four Letters? Who is the fourth person?"

Well, this is where I tell you "Go and buy the book and find out for yourself who the fourth letter is for."

Hurry. Chop Chop. Don't waste time thinking about it becasue you won't regret it.

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