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Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn




"You don't fall in love with the person responsible for your greatest loss.  And God help you if you do."

 A mistake made long ago…

Pain buried so deep…

When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years, she knows she’ll face the ghosts of her past. It does not mean she’s prepared to come face to face with the cruelest of those memories.

Darren Cory’s life is a shell of what it once was, and when he’s forced to endure the cause of his agony, hatred abounds quickly. But hating Bailey destroys him too.

Can Darren find a way to move past the pain and forgive the woman he once cared so much for before his anger consumes them both? Or will he drag them into the hell of an unforgiven past.

stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.
Let's play a game;  I will start, anguish, saddest, tragedy and compassion. 
 "She could not cry in front of this man.  Not because he didn't deserve her tears, but because this version of Darren she'd known for more years than could recall wouldn't let her off easy with that emotion."
This book ripped me a part, from the first page I knew this was going to be an emotional ride.  My first view of  Dr. Darren Cory had me thinking "What an asshole and a Doctor?  Has he forgotten his oath 'DO NO HARM'?"  Our story starts in the present but moves back and forth through 6 years of time,  it keeps you in suspense for the first 5 or 6 chapters of what caused so much unforgiving and hate.
     "I hate you.  Do you understand me?  Your apology means shit to me."  Darren speaking to his sister's best friend Bailey.

Get ready to have your heart strings pulled and to become emotionally invested in this story because Elizabeth Finn draws you in and NEVER lets you go with her story about 4 friends that have to deal with tragedy and separation.  This book is not your classic love story, it deals with tragic deaths and the aftermath in how it shapes how the people left behind deals with tragedy.  Make sure you have the tissues handy because believe me you will need them.  You will be hoping that your children make good choices when trying to establish themselves as adults.

I give this book ****4 STARS*****

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