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Review and Give-A-Way of The Lost Souls by Madeline Sheehan

"Not all who wonder are lost..."
~J.R.R. Tolkien

If you haven't read 'The Soul Mate' and 'My Soul to Take' do so now. No, not later. Right now because seriously this series is so damn good. Seriously.

The Lost Souls sucks you right in from the synopsis. We get multiple POV's from several of the characters throughtout the book which I thought was bloody brilliant. Not once did I get confused or lost about what was happening or who I was reading about. The flow from each POV and the characters was done smoothly. 

We get Tobar, Becki, Nico, Shandor, Xan, Trinity, Hockey, Marko, Carrie, Mira, Tahyra and few others.

We find out who survives (for now), who doesn't (que fuckin' tears). Who falls in love, who falls out of love. What's happened to characters after being separated from a group and/or who left camp.

This book had me shouting at my kindle, intrigued, mesmerized, grabbing my hair, thankful that it's not the end of the world, thankful for shampoo and conditioner, thankful for shaving cream and razors (which I might go ahead and get the lazer hair removal done...just in case shit hits the fan and the end of the world happens). AT several spots it had me doing the Home ALone face because I was just completely shocked when a certain someone dies. Then I was shocked but not really because I had a feeling that something was going to happen when another fell. Then...then I was gutted...yet again by the hands of MS (she needs to stop making me cry my own damn tears).

I love how in the beginning everyone was scattered or alone then slowly they join other survivors, then at the end it all comes together. I see certain people in a different light (good and bad). Makes me wonder what's going to happen in the next and final (EEPP!!!) book, like how is it going to play out? Will everything go back to normal (like it was all a dream) or will things stay the same, forever changed? Will they succedd in what they have to do? Who will be left standing? Who will fall?

My favorites scenes/lines:

"You know," He said, amused. "Waiting used to drive me crazy. It was all I could think about as a teenager. But waiting for her was worth it. Personally, I'm glad I haven't been with anyone else. I couldn't give her very much, you know, but I could give her me, all of me."-Hockey

"Do me a favor." He said, choking back his sudden rising emotion. "And try not to judge so harshly that which you don't understand."-Shandor

"Are you from another country?"

What the fuck? Did he sound French?

"No." he bit out. "I'm Romani. I'm not from any country. I'm from everywhere...nowhere."-Marko & Carrie

"I miss her,"..."I feel like I'm gonna miss her for the rest of my life..."-Xan

I found 40% to be so beautiful and very heartwarming.

I'm ending my review with this: This series is one of my favorite paranormal series out there. Why? Uhh because it's different. It's fresh. It's unique. There are Gypsies, a dragon (*whispers softly*...who likes to eat tacos), magic, hot guys, kick ass females, vampires (not your typical vampires either). It has love, hate, humor, le sexy time, soul mates and of course end of the world doomsday suspense.

I'm off now to be part of a Hockey, Shandor, Xan and Gerik sandwich with a slice of Marko on the side for some dessert.

                                        ***ARC was given by author for an honest review***

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  1. I LOVE this series..... Posted my review:

    "I’ve been looking forward to ‘The Lost Souls’ since I finished book #2, ‘My Soul To Take’ and boyza, I was not disappointed…. Madeline has created an awesome world full of darkness, magic, love, loss & heartache and I loved every single second of the emotional rollercoaster I found myself on!

    In ‘The Lost Souls’ we catch up with characters we met in the previous 2 books. Hockey, Shandor, Carrie, Marko and a few others. The book covers the time from the guys in the clan leaving camp to go on the unsuccessful raid until slightly before the point where we left things at the end of MSTT.

    We get glimpses of Xan and see how much he is suffering from the loss of Trinity and his subsequent finding out that she may still be alive – glad to say he has (finally) given up his manwhoring ways, but I’m still mad at him…. what a stupid, stupid man, that is so gonna bite him in the butt very soon!!!

    We catch up with Becki who, once again, isn’t leading the life she would chose if she had a choice. We see Nico, Tobar and some other clan members and find out what happens with them.

    ‘The Lost Souls’ doesn’t just apply to Trin/Xan/Gerik and their separation and/or relationship but takes on a whole new meaning when we look at the characters in this book and the path their lives have taken since we last saw them.

    I am a HUGE paranormal fan and I just ADORE the Trinity books. ‘The Lost Souls’ beautifully ties together what has happened so far in ‘The Soul Mates’ & ‘My Soul To Take’ and sets us up for the final instalment ‘My Heart & Soul’ which is due out in the summer of 2014. I haven’t been so excited about a book in quite a while and it’s gonna take all I have to wait patiently to find out how everything works out!!!

    If you haven’t checked out this series yet, do so NOW, it is so worth the read!!!
    I love that the story is so very different from most other books that are out there and the situations that the characters find themselves in are far removed from anything that could or would happen in everyday life.
    The story will really make you think and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll cry bloody buckets but you’ll also laugh, smile and feel a little bit hopeful that maybe, just maybe, things will turn out right!!!

    Can’t wait for more of the clan and to find out what happens with Xan, Trinity & Gerik the dragon….
    Have to admit, I’m still #TeamXan….." ;-)

    Link to the Trinity books:

    Tracy ~ Book Loving Pixie