Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review of Jagged by Kristen Ashley

In this world, there are many pressures, and stresses.  People buzz about their days, hardly knowing when to stop and simply take things in.  However, there are some simple pleasures in life that still integrate into today's rush-about lifestyles.  In her book, Jagged, author extraordinaire Kristen Ashley highlights the benefits and detriments of letting things get in the way of the things that are truly important, and how simple choices can make all the difference in the world.

Jagged is the newest volume in her Colorado Mountain series, which has become synonymous with "badass alpha male."  This book is no different.  We meet hero, Graham Reece.  Nicknamed "Ham", which was the only thing about him that I didn't like, Graham is all alpha.  He has a past, and and is holding onto a great deal of pain, which separates him from the woman he loves.  Zara, wants it all.  She wants the marriage, and the happy ever after.... with Graham.  However, she is willing to give him up, since he doesn't want to put down roots.  Watching the two of them, go their separate ways, giving up the love they have together truly breaks the heart.  But, do they stay apart?

Ashley has this power with her words.  In her description of the sleepy Colorado mountain town, I can smell the fresh coffee brewing at the local shop.  I can smell the smoke and dust in the local bar.  I feel as though I can feel the rumble of the harleys passing me by on the street.  It is with this vivid use of imagery and description that she has won the heart of many a reader.  Jagged does not disappoint in this way.

I am determined to not give out any spoilers of any of the action in the book, however, it is difficult to give a review without sharing SOME information, so my apologies if I violate my own policy.  The interaction between the main characters has heat that just cannot be measured.  The sexual tension experienced as we see Graham insinuate himself in Zara's life, but with the promise that there would be no sex between them is palatable even just from words.  By the time they get together the first time, as a reader, I had to get a towel so I didn't drool all over my kindle!  However, the heat in their relationship was not purely sexual.  It was passion in both the way they fought, and how they defended each other.  When Zara heard that Graham had been attacked by a serial killer, her reaction beautifully laid the foundation for the intensity of the relationship they shared.

Jagged does not have a cliffhanger, but leaves you ready for the next installment.  Kristen Ashley, I applaud you babe.  She gives us once again the perfect example of the man every woman wants in her bed, even if it is just for the night.  But, in the end, he is not available because true love prevails.

The book is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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