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Reckless by Devon Hartford

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Ok, first off, I didn’t realize that this was book 2 of a series until after I read it, so I probably missed some important points from book 1. Everyone knows how anal I am about starting a series from the beginning and reading through so I’m kicking myself here.

This is an NA book about characters in college. I would categorize it as a coming of age story. The characters are trying to figure out their lives, understand love and their futures.

The author is great at descriptive writing: the imagery, similes, metaphors, and other unique ways of bringing the scenes to life. It’s all very fresh. Also, the understanding of the arrest, jail, and court processes are apparent. Based on my very limited art background, I would say Mr. Hartford has a very good grasp if not full mastery of the subject. I actually learned some things about art while reading Reckless.

In some sections of the novel, I felt like I was in an episode of some Disney Channel television show where they can’t have normal down time, but have to remain silly and spastic all the time to try to be entertaining. The banter was witty, but seemed pushed too far, over written. That being said, I have never heard so many clever yet immature one-liners in my life (probably a perfect draw to the target age audience).

The main focus is on Samantha and Christos, but also includes a few friends. One friend is Romeo, and he’s gay. Gay dudes always make a story better.

I also have to share about Christos, the male lead. Where can I find a guy like this? He is rich, artistic, built, sexy, tall, tattoed, and blue-eyed. He is a gourmet cook, a master masseur, an experienced fighter, an expert motorcycle and car street racer, and professional painter (for real that’s his job), and an orgasm kingpin. Oh and he’s Greek and speaks Greek.

In the words of the author,
Screw it. TEAM ROMEO!!!!!!!!”

Btw it’s a cliffhanger. 

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