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A Righteous Kill by Kerrigan Byrne

A Righteous Kill by Kerrigan Byrne
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I found this book most excellent, a fully thought-out and properly delivered who-done-it of sexy suspense, rich in understanding of Shakespeare, Irish Catholicism and law enforcement. 

There are many well-developed characters in the story, but the two main characters of this book are Luca and Hero. 

Luca is a tall, gorgeous half Brazilian half Puerto Rican special agent for the FBI. He is the best there is at getting inside the heads of the perpetrators of the world’s most horrific crimes. This gift comes with the price of feeling a kin to the monsters he hunts on the inside. He allows himself no outside life for fear of the surfacing of these demons and so spends his entire life effort on work. 

Hero is a half Irish Catholic half Russian new age hippie and artist. She’s all about female empowerment, karma and tofu. After being the only surviving victim of a religion-inspired serial killer dubbed John the Baptist, Hero is assigned to Luca’s full-time protection. 

A Righteous Kill provides great twists and turns and many story overlays while taking us through the journey of Luca and Hero’s attempt to control the dangerous spark between them and race against the clock of a madman.

And I have to give bonus points to any book that mentions Harry Potter!
-The dark lord? What was this, Harry Potter?

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***ARC was given for an honest review***


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