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Songbird by Lisa Edward

Songbird by Lisa Edward

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Songbird is book 1 in a series.
This book had some of the most original love (love, not sex, there are sex scenes, but that's not what I'm talking about here) scenes I ever remember reading:  laying together in a hammock in the rain on a tropical beach, riding over a city in a hot air balloon, floating in the ocean while being held.  It's very romantic.  Most of the books I've read in the past few months don't really have the romance factor so reading this was a welcomed experience.  Also the setting is Australia, somewhere I would love to visit.

Tara is beautiful and musically talented, and men just can't seem to help being drawn to her.

Riley is a romantic, sweetheart, gorgeous military man.  He's the man of Tara's dreams, and she falls head over hills in love with him.  He's perfect pretty much except for the fact that he is always having to leave because of his job.

Cole is a hot, sexy, bad boy musician.  The girls fall at his feet.  He has the absolute best since of humor and the strongest sexual pull of any man.  From the moment they met, Tara and Cole have an instant true connection.  He's always there for her.

I loved both men.  I can see the reasons to choose and not choose both.  The story is filled with many trying times for Tara.  Which way will her life take her?  I'm looking forward to book 2 to find out.

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