Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shooting Scars~#TeamJavier

"Where are we going?" I said, trying to keep my breath from shaking.
He sighed. "I told you. To the past. Our past. Do you remember it?"
"Now you're just trying to hurt me." 

Shooting Scars picks up where Sins & Needles ended and the ride to Ellie and Javier's a.k.a. Don Diego de la Vega...Zorro, past is one helluva ride. With each page you see how different the characters have changed from S&N and OES. Javier is more ruthless, conniving, darker, focused and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Ellie is no longer bad but good, at least that's what she is hoping but when she is with Javier, he will put her in a position that will put her right back to being bad. Camden shows his dark side the closer he gets to finding Ellie.

For me Javier and Ellie goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Both are great on their own but put them together and you get perfection. You take that first bite and you know that you are in trouble because you want more. Need more. Crave more. The chemistry between them two is so electricfying and sexual that it's impossible not to root for them. Yes, Javier was a total douche in One Every Street but damn it man, there is just something about him that makes me cheer for him. I want , no need for him to come out on top. Don't ask me why but he just needs too. Maybe it's because I can sense that Ellie can make him a better man. Not change him completely but just be...better. They are like Ying/Yang. They just fit. They are soulmates. They are one. And if Ellie doesn't want him then that works out fanfuckintastic for me because HELLO MR. BERNAL! I WILL BE BAD. ALL FOR YOU. I WANT TO BE YOUR BAD BAD GIRL!!!
*judging is not allowed so don't judge me mmkay?*

"I can make you my queen. And you'll give up on trying to be good, to be better. You are better now."

He accepts Ellie as she is...scars and all and this one scene just made me fall more in love with him.

"Why did you do this? he asked, swallowing hard. "You're leg was fine before."

Hottest scene?

"Tell me you're mine," he grunted, mouth at my ear, tongue flicking my lobe. "Tell me that you're mine, then I'll take you."

*fans myself*

"What matters is that I said I would kill any man that hurt you. Now, you have seen that I keep my word. I keep my promises. Travis hurt you,maybe more than anyone else. I want him dead from the barrel of my gun."

"Maybe you ought turn the gun on yourself then."

"Maybe I will."

This is another side of Javier that I love...

"We're free out here. Don't you feel that?"
"You sound like a true sailor."
"It's why men everywhere head for the sea, all these years. Here you can be you. And that is it."
"Who are you out here?"
"I don't know. But I think I'm happier."

And one more for the road...

"Camden is your past," he said, trying to keep his voice steady. "I am your future."

For those who read SS a while back ago are probably wondering why I am still #TeamJavier and not for Camden. Well, even though Javier is a bad bad man, there is just something about Camden that doesn't sit well with me. Not really sure what it is. Yes, Camden goes after Ellie and goes through one hell of a journey to get to her but I sense a greater darkness in him then in Javier.

I am off to read Bold Tricks and  I am hoping and praying like crazy that Ellie chooses J but if she doesn't then like I said above....I will have him all to myself.

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