Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bold Tricks by Karinna Halle

Warning! Warning! Warning!
*This review contains spoilers.*

Hot fuckin' fudge on a mega sundae during a blizzard in the middle of the Sahara Desert.<----What does that even mean? Hell if I know. It just came too me so I put it down. Maybe it means that this book was not what I was expecting. It was so much more. It was good and oh so bad (but in the very good bad way that I am still reeling in everything that happened in BT).
Bold Tricks is so action packed from the very beginning. Bullets whizzing past your favorite characters that had you holding in your breath until you almost pass out (and for some readers they probably did pass out, not saying that I am one of them...maybe. Shhh). Things going KABOOM! that had your heart almost beating out of your chest and sweat dripping down your balls (for the fellas who have read this).
We see the different sides of all the characters; to see how much they have changed since Sins & Needles. To see Ellie go from bad to good to being semi bad and at the end...*spoiler-she does what she has to do to save those who are most important to her. She kills to save Camden and Gus. So does that make her bad? Not in my book*. Camden surprised me. In Sins & Needles I found him to be a pansy ass. In Shooting Scars I still saw him as that but not as much because he was finally letting his balls drop, becoming a man. In Bold Tricks, his balls dropped so much and grew so big that I was like DAYYUUMMM!!! I liked Camden more in Bold Tricks but not enough to sway me from Javier. Javier is a bad ass mutha fucker who will put himself and his goals first before anyone, even family and love. I'm not going to lie, he did disappoint me but I still have hope for him. I love his wicked and twisted sense of humor. When I get a glimpse of his pain (even when he is the cause for it to happen to him) my heart melts a little more for him. I can't help it.
Yes, I will admit that it's sweet how Camden is always there for Ellie and will do everything he can to protect her to where Javier will protect her too but at the same time make it to where he benefits from it.
Do I think that Javier still loves Ellie? Eehhh. I don't know. I think he wants to think that he is and does things that make it seem like he still does but I think it all comes down to obsession. He became obsessed with her because she is the one who could get rid of the one man that he needs to be killed for his empire to grow. Also, he is obsessed with her because she left him. Nobody leaves Javier Bernal. He does the leaving.
Am I happy with how it ended? Yes. *spoiler-Would I have been happy if it ended with Ellie being Javier's Queen? *Yes. Either way I would have been happy. Even though I am still Team Javier, I am glad that Ellie choose Camden. The epilogue was sweet and very heart warming. You are probably thinking "How can you still be Team Javier if you are happy that Ellie ended up with Camden?" I'll tell you why. Because that means that I have a chance of becoming his Queen. Duh.

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