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Unexpected Protector by Sloan Johnson

Unexpected Protector by Sloan Johnson

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Unexpected Protector is book 2 of the Isthmus Alliance. In book one we learned that Isthmus Alliance is a group made up of members who participate in the BDSM lifestyle. The author’s main focus is the actual relationships of the characters so some categorize this series as BDSM-lite.

The actual theme of Unexpected Protector, in my opinion, is forgiveness with a undercurrent of getting past life’s hardships.

There are many characters. Some have already had their own book and some will have their own in future books to the series. The two main individuals of this book are Tommy and Holly.
Tommy is a cop. He’s strong, loyal and steady.

Holly is a recovering drug addict with a hard road ahead of her. She was somewhat a villain in book 1.
After one look at Holly, Tommy is hooked and will stop at nothing to save her. Holly is on a mission to make up for past mistakes. Both have heartbreaking pasts that haunt them and come into their present possibly destroying their future.

Am I being coy by my last sentence? No, I’m not because the book is a CH so I don’t know the outcome either. Looking forward to book 3 and all the history that comes with it! I believe we’ve barely touched the surface.

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