Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time is the first book in a series.  This first story is about Summer Kane and Reid Knox.  

Summer's father had an affair which produced a child when she was a baby.  Her mother left her father and never allowed her to have a relationship with her father or her brother, Xander, who is a year younger than her.  The story begins with Summer meeting her brother for the first time and coming to live with him near their father.

Xander has friends that are constantly hanging out at his house.  They are all gorgeous and eye-catching, but one really catches her eye, Reid.  (Don't we all wish we ended up in Summer's position surround by hot guys!)

Reid isn't as laid back as the others.  He's moody and brooding and definitely has a history and several underlying issues that come to surface in the book.  Actually the storyline has quite a few unexpected surprises which make the plot more interesting.  FYI Reid is an underground fighter (everyone knows how I love my fighter men books).

Book 2, This Time Around, is going to be about Reid's fun and flirty twin Ryan.

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