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Dark Light by S. L. Jennings

Dark Light by S. L. Jennings

Dark Light is book 1 in The Dark Light series.  
In this book, on her 20th birthday, Gabriella, who up until now has been completely ordinary, learns she is not what she always knew she was, and neither is the world.  She discovers her birth mother Natalia was a Dark Hunter of the Light Enchanters and her birth father Alexander was a Dark One from the Shadow, making them mortal enemies.
We follow her journey as she tries to get the most out of what's left of her human life, and tries to digest the information that she is both light and dark and will have to choose a side on her 21st birthday, when she becomes immortal and the most powerful of all the Light and Dark.  

The book is full of important relationships, hidden meanings, "Easter Eggs", flashbacks, glimpses of what's to come, death threats, vows, proclamations, magic, but the most important thing the book is full of is Dorian Skotos (hubba hubba). 

When reading this book, we really don't know if Dorian is going to be the good guy or the bad guy, but we know he is a sexy guy.  And there is not a caution or deterrent strong enough to keep Gabriella, or the reader, away from his yummy Greekness.  He gives eye-fucking and tingling touch a whole new meaning.

The unfolding of story is very well-written.  I couldn't wait to go straight into book 2.  It is a wonderful balance of mystery, fantasy and romance.

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