Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Knox’s Stand by Jamie Begley

Knox’s Stand by Jamie Begley

Knox’s Stand is the 3rd book of The Last Riders series.  I think they get better as the series goes along. 

The Last Riders is an MC made up of ex-military swingers pretty much. 

They’re kind of a badass motorcycle/sex club.

This episode is about Knox and Diamond.  Knox a ginormous man with an insatiable sex drive.  Diamond is a tough lawyer wanting nothing to do with any part of Knox or the club's life.  After circumstance puts her as his lawyer, they have to stand each other’s presence for the sake of his case.  Soon lust gets involved, and they end up as fuck buddies, which changes everything.

PS I love how all long in the series, we’ve been getting background for Shade and Lily.  Looking forward to more on them.

Also there is an excerpt at the end of this book for a spin-off series Biker Bitches, those crazy chicks that keep popping up in this series.

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