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Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

Kitty Thomas writes very unique stories.  Personally, I love them.  For those a little squeamish, this is a more mainstream-isk story for you to get into, although, it is still (as all others of Kitty’s that I’ve read) considered psychologically dark and doesn’t wrap up in a neat little bow even at the end.

Faith Jacobson is a closed-off, small time, alone, independent, introverted twenty-two year old cat lady.  Being a homebody without family or many friends, she decides to defy her norm and go to a club with some co-workers one night.  She finds that she doesn’t enjoy it and leaves heading home.  On her way, she accidentally sees a mob hit, pulling her life in a totally different direction, one she has no desire to go.

Faith knows and Angelo knows that Angelo must kill her because he can’t leave a witness no matter how much she swears she won’t tell.  But after getting a better look at her, he sees she is exactly the type of woman outwardly that his twin brother Leo likes.  This gives Angelo an idea on how they all can benefit from the situation.

Leo Raspallo is a forty-one year old successful doctor and businessman.  His family is also the mob.  Leo has spent this life trying to atone for the sins of his family and the personal sins of his heart.  He is not involved personally in the “family business” but is very involved with and close to his family.  He still puts family first.  

Leo is also a true sadist, loving to inflict pain and heavily into BDSM.

During a drunken talk with his twin brother Angelo, Leo lets it slip that his true fantasy is to own a slave.

Leo has to accept Angelo’s gift of Faith as his slave in order to save her life after what she has witnessed.  Faith has no kinky sexual side at all and cannot stand pain.  Leo cannot let her go, but is in a constant battle with himself over denying himself his one true desire.

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