Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drive Me Crazy by C.C. Wood

Girl Next Door- #3

Amy Bennett has a type- tall, dark, and jerky. After being used and tossed aside one too many times, she decides enough is enough. No more pretty boys. Instead, Amy begins dating Grayson . Lean, quiet, and average looking, he’s the exact opposite of almost every man she’s ever been involved with.

Her resolve is tested when Troy Castillo moves into the other half of her duplex. He’s the embodiment of her usual kind of man; including the inconsiderate behavior. Within days Troy is making her nuts.

Things with Grayson start fizzling out and keeping Troy at arm’s length becomes impossible as someone begins to harass Amy. Harmless but obnoxious pranks soon turn violent and destructive. Troy refuses to back off and he is determined to protect her, whether she likes it or not.

Amy knows she can trust Troy to keep her safe but can she trust him with her heart?

*** 1/2

Amy Bennett is a strange one for me. She confused me with her being prudish one minute and then the next minute she's not. She really got on my nerves when she would say "it's just kids playing a joke" when her car gets egged and a bag of shit is set on fire on her doorstep. Ummm no. Okay, maybe it was kids playing a joke but you still call that in and make a report to the local popo's. Have that shit on record in case things go to far. Luckily for her, her new sexy neighbor Troy Castillo is a cop and pushes her to call, more like he takes over and calls it in for her. If it wasn't for him well....Amy would be no more. She would be 6 feet under.

Troy Castillo needs to calm down sometimes. Yeah, he has her best interest at heart but I felt that he blew up at times when he really shouldn't have. Take a chill pill dude. I'm still lost on when and how he became all about why Amy is not only a fuck but someone who is more. Maybe I need to reread? And yes, there is a scene where I actually shouted (not loudly but not in a normal volume either) "You Ass!!!" Ugh. Men!

I enjoyed reading Drive Me Crazy but I can't say that I loved it. It went by too fast for me. I didn't feel the connection between Amy and Troy, maybe if it was longer and not so much stuff happening I would have felt it. If there were more Amy and Troy time then yeah, that would have been grand. I wanted more of them and not this semi-instant connection. There were some funny moments but also some eye rolling moments as well, like a motorcycle. I didn't see that coming and so did not peg for that person to even have one.

*I was given an ARC by the author in return for an honest review*

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